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So how does this work?

I'm confused. Am I buying from Marineland or from Aqua Lung?

Now that I can shop online, why would I bother shopping at the actual Marineland store?

What if I find the same product advertised at a lower price from another online retailer, like Leisure Pro for example?

Is buying through the Aqua Lung Store the same as buying from an Authorized Dealer?

Why can't I find the product I want on the Aqua Lung Store?

I want an Aeris dive computer. Can I order that online from Marineland too?

What payment options are available if I shop online?

Is sales tax included on products I buy through the Aqua Lung Store?

What shipping options do I have?

If I choose standard shipping, how long will it take for my order to be delivered?

Why would I ship to the store instead of my house?

If I ship to my home, can I bring my equipment to the store for registration or other assistance?

Can I get special offers like packages or promotions through the online store?

Do I still get Free Parts for Life if I order online?

If I buy something online and wish to return or exchange it, can I do that at Marineland?