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Try Scuba Diving

Have you ever wondered what itís like to breathe underwater and swim among the fish? If you want to find out but arenít quite ready to take the plunge into a scuba certification course, our Try Scuba Diving program can provide you with the opportunity to experience scuba in a controlled setting to see how you like it!

While it does not result in a scuba certification, Try Scuba Diving allows you to use scuba equipment in a pool under the close supervision of one of our experienced instructors and offers you a fun & easy introduction to the adventure of scuba diving.

The $20 program fee can be also be credited towards your first scuba certification course if you decide to enroll within 30 days of completing the Try Scuba program. What have you got to lose?


Come experience the underwater world with us!

Price includes all instruction, pool fees, and equipment rental.
Must be 8 years or older to participate.

With proper training, scuba diving is a relatively safe activity. However, certain medical conditions can make diving injuries more likely to occur. For your safety, you must fill out a medical history questionnaire to identify any potential risk areas before you can participate in underwater activities. Answering "Yes" to one of the listed items does not necessarily disqualify you from scuba diving, but your answer will need to be discussed with an instructor who may ask you to obtain a physician's approval before your training can begin.

You can speed up this process by filling out the form in advance. If you answer "Yes" to any of the conditions listed, email us and one of our instructors will contact you to determine if a physician's signature is required.

Medical History

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